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World of Warplanes
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World of Warplanes Description

Take to the air as a pilot during the greatest conflict the world has ever seen. Only the best pilots will come out of these intense dogfights in one piece...


From the makers of the hit MMO, World of Tanks, comes the next adventure in online combat: World of Warplanes. This free-to-play MMO takes you to the Golden Age of military aviation and puts you right in the cockpit of your own fighter. Take a seat, make yourself familiar with the controls and ascend to new heights with the help of friends and other soldiers online!

World of Warplanes is focused entirely on the concept of military aircraft. You can start your own pilot career and experience authentic aircraft from World War I biplanes to the most advanced fighters to come out of World War II. You will be able to choose from three different kinds of aircraft in World of Warplanes. Each aircraft has their own unique role to fill and has special abilities.

Single-engine light fighters are designed to take on enemies in close dogfights. Twin-engine fighters are powerful aircraft designed for head-on assaults. Finally, the strafing aircraft are designed to take out ground targets with ease. Pick an aircraft that best describes your gamer personality. Keep one thing in mind, however: Every choice comes with consequences, as other players will expect you to take on a certain role during battles. Live up to their expectations and shoot down as many enemy targets as possible in this free-to-play shooter.

To allow pilots to gain more experience quickly, World of Warplanes is directly tied into World of Tanks. By linking both games to one account, you can effectively share experience you earn on one game with the other.

Achieving aerial dominance is no easy task and World of Warplanes certainly does not make an exception. You must out-fly and out-fight your opponents in intense air combat to prove you have got what it takes to be the real Ace on the battlefield. Earn experience and upgrade your planes to create the ultimate fighting machine which you can pilot to victory!

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